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Blood Sugar Support

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ALA Release Lipoic Complex 60 Tablets #76330
An alpha-lipoic acid complex, containing alpha-lipoic acid, R-alpha-lipoic acid, biotin, and calcium.
GlucoFit™ 60 Softgels #74500
An extract of the herb Lagerstroemia speciosa L., standardized to 18% corosolic acid.
Glucose Tolerance II™ with Glucevia™ Complex 120 vegetarian capsules #76890
Glucevia™ (European Ash extract), berberine, chromium, milk thistle, resveratrol, biotin.
MultiMin Classic Mineral Formula 120 Vegetarian Caps #70210
The classic mixed mineral formulation developed by Stephen A Levine, PhD.
Sugar Balance Formula 90 Vegetarian Capsules #75660
A unique formulation by Ayurvedic Specialist and Herbalist Dr. Aditya Sharma, Ph.D.