Major Victory for Naturopathic Doctors in Massachusetts

Major Victory for Naturopathic Doctors in Massachusetts; Licensure Bill Passes the House and Senate, Awaits Governor’s Signature

Following more than two decades of tireless efforts, Massachusetts may be the 22nd state or territory to regulate Naturopathic Doctors.

The bill, S2335, passed the House late Tuesday night. It previously passed the Senate in June. The bill is now awaiting the Governor’s signature.

This massive accomplishment in health care was made possible with strong advocacy efforts by the AANP, the Massachusetts Society of Naturopathic Doctors, and especially its president, Amy Rothenberg, ND.

Urgent help is needed!

We must ensure that Gov. Charlie Baker (R) signs this bill into law within the next 10 days.

Do You Have a MA Connection? 

If you’re a Massachusetts resident – or if you have family, friends or colleagues who are in the state, CLICK HERE to access the AANP Action Center to email Gov. Baker right away!

Also, share this information on social media so others with a MA connection can lend a hand.