Simple 3 Step Process
Select your formula
Select which of our formulas you wish to private label. Start with those products you routinely recommend to a variety of patients. At any time, you may add more formulas as you continue to create your brand.
Select your design
Create a professional appearance for your supplements. Select from a variety of pre-designed label templates, which may be customized by modifying colors, and adding your logo. Or, we can create a custom design to match your office stationary or other specifications. Use our product names, or choose your own to further distinguish your products.
Place your order
Call our friendly Customer Service department, emails us, or fax in your order. That's it.

By the Numbers

products to choose from
customizable templates
bottle minimum order
3 Day
turnaround on reorders
2 Week
turnaround on new orders
0 Cost
for label design and printing

Label Design
Choose from one of our 8 pre-designed labels for easy ordering and a professional look.

Ready to get started?
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