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Product Information Sheets

This page lists all the available Product Information Sheets.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find ARG frequently asked questions and their answers.

Ingredient Index

Find which of our products contain an ingredient here.

ARG Focus Newsletters

Allergy Research Group offers Focus Newsletter for our customers in the healthcare industry. We publish Focus Newsletter to highlight and discuss recent discoveries in nutritional science and alternative health. Active accounts can receive hard copies of Focus - contact us with your ARG account number for more information.

Organizations of Healthcare Professionals

Here is a list of Healthcare Professional Organizations. Many of them have a resource to find a local licensed practitioner.

Natural Standard Monographs

Natural Standard publishes scientific monographs in three areas of research:
Herbs and Supplements

The information contained on these pages is provided by Natural Standard (, and is for the purpose of information and education only. It it not meant as a guide to diagnosis or treatment of a particular disorder or its symptoms.