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Boning Up on Bone Health

It takes more than just calcium to build strong bones Bone health is all too easy to neglect, particularly in the younger years, when – unless one experiences a fracture or break – the body holds together quite well. With the continued process of age and other factors, however, bone…

Beating Metabolic Syndrome Before It Beats You

Botanicals, Healthy Aging
Clinical research on berberine and French maritime pine bark extract Perhaps it starts with realizing that belly bulge won’t go away. The next thing you know, your blood pressure reading is high during your annual checkup. Then, your doctor calls to talk about your cholesterol levels. The health conditions associated…

Digestives Enzymes – The Fix for Your Digestive Discomfort?

Got Gut Health?
The important role of the pancreas and digestive enzymes on health There are so many supplements out there designed to support digestion, and probiotics seem to be getting all the limelight. However, many are surprised to find that digestive enzymes (also known as pancreatic enzymes) often have a far greater…

The Gallbladder: An Unsung Hero of Digestion

Got Gut Health?
How it works, what goes wrong, and how to keep it working well When most people think of digestion, they think of the stomach and the 25-feet of intestines winding their way through the abdomen. These organs are, indeed, vital for the absorption of food nutrients and the elimination of…

Protecting Yourself from the Damaging Effects of Air Pollution

Healthy Aging
Man holding mask to his face
How to keep your cells healthy in the face of particulate matter pollution in the air The more populated our world becomes, the more the by-products of development, consumerism, and transportation become an issue. Many of the effects are obvious: we can’t avoid seeing supermarkets popping up where there once…

Big Pharma Banks on Fatty Liver Disease

Botanicals, Healthy Aging
Where there’s a buck to be made… With rapidly increasing rates of obesity and metabolic syndrome, nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) has become the most common causes of chronic liver disease in Western countries.[1] NAFLD affects 10 to 46% of the United States population, with a worldwide prevalence of 6…