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Beautiful echinacea blooms

The Power of Echinacea

Ivy Leaf for Lung Health

Grains and legumes are a source of nutrients

Hemicellulose – A Natural Immune Enhancer?

Pine bark may improve blood flow in Raynaud's disease

Pine Bark for Blood Vessels Big and Small, Part 2 of 2

Pine bark as a natural intervention for high blood pressure

Pine Bark for Blood Vessels Big and Small, Part 1 of 2

Botanicals for Asthma and Lung Health

Botanical medicine and infections

Natural Support for the Fight Against Infections

Mastica tears from Chios

Chios Mastiha: Prized by the Greeks Since Antiquity, and We Now Know Why

Mastica tree in Chios, Greece

The Tradition of Chios Mastiha

Tablets, capsules, and softgels with natural supplements

Whole Herb vs. Standardized Extracts vs. Isolated Bioactive Constituents

Mood and Performance Optimization with Rhodiola and Saffron

Candida under a microscope pseudohyphae and budding yeast

Candida Overgrowth – Herbal Medicine to the Rescue!