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I received my probiotic product and it was no longer cold. Has it lost all of its potency?

All of our probiotic products are manufactured with 10-15% increased potency beyond label claim so they can endure short term heat exposure and still be within the potency claimed on the label. Probiotics lose potency when the bacteria, which are in a suspended state, start to become active in the capsule and do not survive without a food supply. Activation requires higher temperature as well as oxygen and moisture, so short-term exposure to higher heat does not significantly reduce the potency.

Our probiotic products are shipped UPS “Next Day” delivery, with no special insulated packaging. For an additional fee, you may request your product to be sent in a cooler. Ice packs may also be requested. The additional charge for the cooler is $10.00 and ice packs are $1.00 each. You will not be charged extra for the additional weight of those items. 

When placing your order you may also request “Signature Required” but please keep in mind that you must be there to sign for the package when it arrives as UPS will not leave the package and that will extend the time your product is not refrigerated.

When your package arrives, it is wise to open it and refrigerate the products that require refrigeration. In most cases the actual bottle will probably be room temperature or warmer in your hand, and that is normal. If your package has encountered an unfortunate shipping delay and the bottles designated for refrigeration arrive hot to the touch, please give us a call. If you live in an area with exceptionally high temperatures in the summer months, it may be wise to order enough product during the winter months to last you through the hotter summer months, thereby lessening the potential for heat exposure to your probiotic products

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