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What is the quality of your Modified Citrus Pectin?

Our Modified Citrus Pectin (MCP) is 100% pure and contains no excipients, fillers, binders, gelatin, flavors, or any processing aids. Its average molecular weight is 30 kD. The manufacturing process for MCP involves hydrolysis of citrus pectin with sodium hydroxide at 60-80°C followed by spray drying process. Other details are proprietary. The nutritional facts information on the label (total carbohydrates, dietary fiber, and sugar content) for many MCP products can look confusing. The “sugars” listed are not table sugar (sucrose), but are neutral sugars present in side chains on the pectin molecule. Although pectin is 100% fiber, the label information may not reflect this, because a formal definition of dietary fiber is based on a number of analytical methods. The result is that a variety of definitions of dietary fiber exist worldwide. The current situation regarding labeling of and defining dietary fiber in the US and many other countries is arbitrary due to its reliance on analytical methods as opposed to an accurate definition.

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