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What is the molecular form of your SAMe, and how biologically active is it?
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Our SAMe is pharmaceutical grade, and contains a full 200 mg elemental SAMe in each tablet, from 400 mg of SAMe tosylate disulfate. SAMe itself has two forms: (S, S) SAMe and (R, S) SAMe. The (S,S) form is biologically active, and the (R,S) form is... Read More
What are considered safe daily doses for SAMe ?
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The documented typical dose for SAMe ranges from 200 to 1600 milligrams daily in divided doses, and SAMe is considered safe at these levels. If you are getting medical treatment, please consult with your physician before adding SAMe. Read More
What are all those extra ingredients in SAMe?
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The pure SAMe molecule is unstable, making it unsuitable for use in a capsule form. The excipients added to the tablet help to preserve the potency of the SAMe, as well as to help the tablet expand and breakdown when it is ingested. Hydroxypropyl... Read More