Patient Participation Program (PPP)

The Patient Participation Program is designed for practitioners who do not stock product inventories, but would like to make Allergy Research Group products available directly to their patients.

The Benefits To The Healthcare Practitioner

  • ARG provides a quarterly report, upon request, of each patient’s supplement activity to the practitioner so they can track compliance.
  • ARG will remit payment to the practitioner and handle all aspects of ordering, returns, etc.

5 Simple Steps To Get Started:

  1. Healthcare Practitioner signs and returns a Program Agreement to ARG, and a W-9, to be registered and receive payments. A PPP number will be assigned.
  2. ARG sends a supply of Patient Order Forms with retail prices to the practitioner.
  3. Practitioner gives the Patient Order Form to the patient when recommending the use of Allergy Research Group nutritional supplements. Practitioner advises the patient to register online as their patient, or if calling in their order, to identify themselves to the ARG customer service representative as a patient ordering under their account on the Patient Participation Program.
  4. Patient orders at retail prices directly from the ARG website, telephone or fax. All prevailing discounts at the time of purchase will accrue to the benefit of the patient. Orders are paid for by the patient via credit card, COD or prepayment. Patient must either be registered and authorized for online shopping as a patient of the Practitioner, or if calling, advise customer service that they are ordering under the Patient Participation Program and use the Practitioner’s PPP number in order to qualify.
  5. The practitioner may choose one of three payment options from the program:
  • Receive a 25% payment based on patients’ purchases
  • Credit your 25% payment to your account
  • Choose to donate your check to a charity of your choice