Gastric Support Supplements

The Best Digestive Support Supplements for a Healthy Gut

ARG offers a variety of formulas intended to support optimal gastrointestinal function.* With natural formulas to optimize digestion, support a healthy GI lining, and soothe GI discomfort and indigestion, we’ve got something for every digestive need.*

Benefits of Digestive Support (GI Support) Supplements 

ARG highlights the most sought after natural ingredients in our gastrointestinal support formulas. We offer authentic Mastic Gum from the island of Chios, Greece, to promote healing of the GI tract and support a healthy GI microbial balance.* Our Full-Spectrum Digest formula touts Glutalytic® to aid in the digestion of gluten proteins.* We offer ButyrEn, a source of butyrate which is the primary source of nutrition for the cells that line the GI tract.* We have formulas available to support optimal digestion, reduce bloating, and ease digestive discomfort.*

No More Digestive Distress: Our Top-Rated Supplements for GI Support

Our best sellers for digestive support include our Full Spectrum Digest formula, a blend of digestive enzymes to support easy digestion and reduce symptoms of bloating and indigestion.* Our Perm A Vite powder contains nutrients to support the gut lining and promote healthy permeability.* Our Mastic Ox Bile Complex combines mastica, ox bile, and demulcent herbs to support an irritated GI tract while promoting digestion.* Check out these formulas and more for digestive support.*

How to Use the Gastric Support Supplements?

Each of our digestive support supplements has its own suggestions for general use located on the product page and label. Check with your doctor before using any supplements, particularly in doses other than the suggested use. 


We offer many formulas that are targeted toward gastrointestinal support, such as our GI Mend, our Ox Bile, Perm A vite, Full Spectrum Digest, GastroCleanse, and more.* Healthcare practitioners can look to our GI Product Comparison Guide to help discern which formula would be the best fit for their patients.

Many think that indigestion and reflux are always related to an overabundance of stomach acid, but this is not always the case. Many cases of reflux or indigestion are related to low stomach acid or poor digestion. Some supplements that may support more efficient digestion include Full Spectrum Digest, Ox Bile, and Mastica.* Each case is different, so check with your integrative healthcare practitioner to see which formula might be the best for you.

Gas is often related to poor digestive function.* Some supplements that may optimize digestive function include Ox Bile and Full Spectrum Digest.* Check with your doctor to see if these formulas might be helpful to you.

Bloating can be due to various digestive issues. It is important for a healthcare practitioner to consider the root cause of each symptom before offering suggestions. Practitioners may look to our protocol guides and various educational resources for guidance on how to implement supplements when addressing their patients’ various sources of digestive discomfort.*