Allergy Research Group® glandular products were originally developed and formulated by Nicholas Gonzalez, MD, in collaboration with Stephen Levine, PhD. Dr. Gonzalez was a preeminent expert in Glandular Nutrition, and specified that Allergy Research Group® glandulars be lyophilized (freeze-dried). This sophisticated and sensitive technique respects the delicate nature of the material, and except for the water content, leaves in everything that naturally occurs in glandular tissue, including any fat content.*

Glandular purity is of crucial importance. We primarily use glandular material obtained from government inspected, range-grazed animals, raised in Australia and New Zealand, where animal husbandry regulations are among the strictest in the world, and prohibit the feeding practices that have caused problems in other countries.* The only exception to this is the Adrenal Cortex, which is sourced from Argentina, a country free from Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE). Each lot of our glandular materials undergoes stringent microbial, heavy metal, and contaminant testing, in-process as well as the finished products.

Pancreas Natural Glandulars from lamb, pork and beef can be used in rotation by those who are highly sensitive.* Glandular products are best stored in a cool, dry place. Humidity in refrigerators may reduce their stability. No health claims are made for these products.
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Adrenal 150 Vegicaps
Item #70461
Tissue from the entire adrenal gland, both medulla and cortex. Lyophilized.
Adrenal Cortex 100 Vegicaps
Item #70531
Provides tissue from the cortex portion of the adrenal gland. Lyophilized.
Bone Marrow Beef 100 Vegicaps
Item #76510
Provides beef marrow tissue. Lyophilized.
Hypothalamus 100 Vegicaps
Item #70810
Provides hypothalamus tissue. Lyophilized.
Immuno-Gland Plex 60 Vegicaps
Item #70450
A mixture of high quality glandulars. Lyophilized.
Kidney Beef 100 Vegicaps
Item #72800
Provides kidney tissue. Lyophilized.
Liver Beef 125 Vegicaps
Item #70470
High quality liver natural glandular. Lyophilized.
Pancreas Lamb 90 Vegicaps
Item #71630
Provides lamb pancreas tissue. Lyophilized.
Pancreas Pork 60 Capsules
Item #71640
Provides pork pancreas tissue. Lyophilized.
Pancreas Pork 720 Capsules
Item #71650
Provides pork pancreas tissue. Lyophilized.
TG 100 100 Vegicaps
Item #71800
Provides tissue from the thyroid gland, and other glands associated with thyroid function.*
Thymus 75 Vegicaps
Item #71610
High quality thymus glandular. Lyophilized.
Thyroid 100 Vegicaps
Item #71810
Provides thyroid tissue. Lyophilized.