Thyroid Support Supplements

Discover the Benefits of Our Natural Thyroid Support Supplements

Thyroid supplements can be used to support optimal thyroid function. Supplements can support nutritional deficiencies that may negatively impact thyroid function, provide cofactors to proper thyroid conversion, or utilize herbs and botanicals specific to the thyroid. 

Benefits of Thyroid Support Supplements 

Herbal and nutritional supplementation can support the thyroid and minimize undesirable symptoms associated with poor thyroid health.* Some may experience increased energy, improved metabolism, and mental clarity when using thyroid health supplements under the care of their physician.* Our supplements provide nutrients, such as iodine and selenium, that are essential to thyroid health, structure, and function.* We use herbal ingredients like ashwagandha and Coleus forskohlii that support healthy thyroid conversion and thyroid hormone production.* 

Transform Your Thyroid Health with Our Support Supplements

Our formulas for thyroid support include key nutritional factors to support thyroid shape, function, and hormone production.* Some of our formulas include herbal extracts that support both general thyroid hormone production and the conversion of T4 to T3.* Other herbs highlighted in our thyroid formulas provide adaptogenic support to help the endocrine system during times of stress, which could otherwise negatively impact thyroid hormone production.*

How to Use the Thyroid Support Supplements

Each of our thyroid support supplements has its own suggestions for general use located on the product page and label. Check with your doctor before using any supplements, particularly in doses other than the suggested use. Our thyroid nutrition and iodoral products come in scored tablets for easy, flexible dosing.


Thyroid supplements may support general thyroid health and hormone production when used as part of a well-rounded health regimen.*

We have a variety of thyroid support supplements, such as Thyroid Nutrition and Thyroid Natural Glandular, and a variety of individual nutrients to support the thyroid, such as Iodoral® iodine and High Dose Selenium drops. Check out our educational resources or check with your doctor to find the best fit for you.

We have a variety of formulas aimed at general thyroid support as well as individual vitamins and minerals known for their thyroid-supportive qualities. These include nutrients like iodine, selenium, zinc, and tyrosine.

Most individuals opt for taking their thyroid support supplement in the morning for optimal results. Check with your doctor to ensure ideal timing for your thyroid supplements as a part of a whole health routine.

Some of our thyroid support supplements are vegan-friendly, such as our thyroid nutrition product. Others, such as the thyroid natural glandular are derived from an animal source.

Some thyroid supplements can be a part of a healthy support regimen during pregnancy and others have ingredients that should be avoided. Always check with your healthcare provider when using supplements during pregnancy or nursing.