Microbial Balancers & Supplements

Microbial Supplements for a Balanced Microbiome

A healthy microbiome is vital for many aspects of health. The gut microbial balance affects not only the GI system, but also the immune system, brain, and nervous system.* 

Benefits of Microbial Supplements 

When the balance of undesirable microbes outweighs the friendly gut bacteria, symptoms, such as bloating, maldigestion, fatigue, skin problems,  and systemic aches and pains can arise.* Many natural agents have been shown to reduce the prevalence of some of the unfriendly microbes, such as berberine, artemisinin, black walnut, mastica, grapefruit seed extract, and others.* Probiotics and prebiotics can offer support for a healthy microbial balance by replacing the more “friendly” bacteria.*

Microbiome Balance for Improved Digestion and Nutrient Absorption

A healthy microbiome contributes to healthy digestion, as well as systemic health.* Several of our formulas can be beneficial to a disturbed microbial balance in the gut, such as Tricycline, Mastica, Artemisinin, Gastrocleanse, ParaMicrocidin, and more.* These options, paired with probiotics, such as our EB Complete, and digestive aids, such as our Full Spectrum Digest, can contribute to a healthy, symptom-free digestive system.*

How to Use Microbial Balance Supplements

It is often recommended to use supplements that may support a reduction in unfriendly gut microbes in conjunction with probiotics, prebiotics, or fermented foods to restore a healthy microbial balance.* It is recommended to take these two categories of supplements at different times during the day, rather than together. Supplements, such as digestive enzymes and those that support the integrity of a healthy gut lining, can aid with symptoms while the microbial balance is being restored.


Some natural ingredients and supplements help to balance or minimize the presence of undesirable bacteria that might otherwise be harmful.* Some of ARG’s most popular microbial balancing supplements include Tricycline, Mastica, and Artemisinin.*

Each of our microbial balancing supplements have different properties that makes them unique. Many contain ingredients that have been shown to exhibit anti-microbial activity toward specific pathogens.* Check out our product information sheets and product comparison guides to identify the product that might be best suited for your needs.

All of the microbial balancers available through ARG are available without a prescription. We recommend reaching out to your healthcare practitioner before starting a microbial balancing regimen.

Each of our microbial balancers has different indications and recommended dosages. Check your supplement label for the suggested schedule. It is recommended to check with your healthcare practitioner before starting a supplement regimen, particularly if consuming in dosages other than what is suggested on the label.